The Invasion of Texas — explored

After reading though the text reading on the invasion of Texas, I decided to try to see if i could possibly find anything else on the topic that would expand the knowledge a little further. I came across a writing from the Texas State Historical Association. I loved the fact that the article expanded so far into detail. Very descriptive as far as who was specifically involved and such. It seemed like the text reading just touched the basics, this gave me a further knowledge on the matter.

TSHA Reading

After a little more browsing around I stumbled upon a great reading in a blog. The blog posting reposts letters that were sent back and forth during this time. The way they speak in their letters is quite different than how we write now days. The blog posting a quite a bit lengthy, which did kind of get boring, but the information is very solid and factual. It’s interesting to see an inside, personal view of what was happening during this time.

Blog Posting

And lastly, this site shows a mildly descriptive timeline of what happened previously and after the invasion. I really enjoy knowing what fueled the fire and what the repercussions were. It’s also nice to organize things chronologically, it makes it easier to comprehend. I love how this particular page also splits the events into three different sections.



take a moment here, and just re/motivate yourself.

I havent blogged in a short while, I know.
But I Cannot let this one go. Like I just can’t.

As you probably know, I’m pretty obsessed with this fit lifestyle stuff, and I’ve been recieving a WHOPPING of feedback, both public and personal from a ton of people.
I love you all. So much. i really do.

But I’m not doing it to be your motivation, your motivator, what you compare yourself to, or what you look up to even.
I want YOU to be your own motivation.
I want YOU to look in the mirror every morning and say “I’m going to be stronger, faster and better than I was yesturday.”
I want YOU to look at your before and “after” photos and “I’m better than I was before because of me, myself”
(ps- i read something today that I fell in love with, instead of ‘before and after photos’, call them ‘before and current’ photos, because you’re still progressing, theres no end)
I want YOU to do this because it benefits YOU as a person, not because of society, or someone who once picked on you, but because YOU love yourself enough to better your tomorrow, today.

I recently encountered a couple bad days, actually, more like a bad week, where I wasn’t seeing results, felt like I took several large steps back, and becoming extremely “over it”
I sat back and realized, I’m human. I need a break too. I sat there and remembered why I orginally started doing this, looked at the “then and the now”, and reevaluated my goals, and how I was going to accomplish them.
A simple rerouting never hurt anyone.

One last quick note; I love how yall have been asking me for advice and encouragement. It’s what I’m here for. But when you come to me with an issue, (no matter what it may be), you ask for advice, and I give it to you, you don’t have to take it, but don’t throw it back in my face. This happened this past week from a girl who randomly added me on facebook JUST to message me about my supplements I consume. (beyond annoyed with the using of my personal pages for strangers)

REGARDLESS: I love you ALL. and I couldn’t do my daily “grind” (so to speak) without you all behind me.
Really. It means the world.


let’s just take a moment and realllllly think about this.

so yesturday I let my emotions and my smart mouth get the best of me and posted on facebook about how I “wanted to smack smokers upside the head and say “ARE YOU STUPID?”.

I should’ve known that someone would come back with a rude remark.
never fails.

Well that’s not that this is about. This is about what the conversation turned in and lead.
Them pointing at me and saying I’m not “better than them” just because I do not smoke.

Well you know what. If you are someone who constantly walks around saying that noone is better than you, and play the victim card, you’re who I’m speaking to.


This is not a perfect world. We are not all 100% equal.
Suzy can jump higher than Sally. But Sally can throw a baseball farther than Suzy.
Suzy is better than Sally in one focus area, and likewise, Sally is better than Suzy in another.
You maybe be better at smoking a cigarette than I, but I’m better at realizing that it’s alright to not smoke that cigarette.

Once you realize that it’s alright to not be “better” than everyone else at everything, is when you really start to understand what this whole crazy thing called life is about.
It’s not about being the best, it’s about realizing you are not, accepting it, moving on and trying to better yourself out of the situation.

Moral of the story, I’ll go ahead and let everyone be a “better smoker” than I. Why? Because I care about my health, my future and living a long life.
And with that being said, I guess that would make me better at this, than them.


its friday, and everyone knows on fridays after 2:30pm, i become completely and totally unproductive.

On my pinterest scrolling spree I ran across a photo, a quote photo that is. It really hit me like a ton of bricks, and i hope it does yall too.




Now, you can't tell me that doesnt get your brain turning.

Everyone knows I'm mildly abrasive, and to some, I'm downright rude, but I feel like that's because I do it, I don't say I'm going to.
Being completely blunt and hard headed are both traits that has burdens and blessings, but one thing I have never done is beat around the bush.

Actions speak louder than words supposedly, i do not find this always to be true, but if you talk out of your butt, and don't follow up those words WITH actions, then i forsee this as being a problem.

Another thing; you can't take words back, nor can you make them be forgotten. I soley believe that you should never have to or be asked to apologize for what you said, or how you said something if and only if you believed it and meant it with your whole heart. That's like taking someones gum, chewing it and giving it back. nope. not this time.
Now I’m not saying you should talk out of anger, or out of your butt, but you should definately compare that your heart and brain are saying, or doing, and them compromise between the two.

All in all, mean what you say, and do what you say youre going to; life will be easier and more pleasant.

friiiiiiiiiday reflectionnnnnn


time off can kill


SO as everyone knows, or should know, Taylor is back from deployment!

so this caused a little slacking off on my part.

FOOD FOOD FOOD. Poor guy had been away from all things good (or even decent) since he had been away, so he rewarded himself with dining. annnnnnnd I followed.

cheat days never hurt anyone, right?

wrong. like 7 cheat days did. and MAN did i feel and look it.


We recently got back to eating good, and hitting the gym or track everyday, & i cant speak for him, but I sure can feel, nevertheless see the difference.

I actually MISSED chicken and rice… never thought id see that day (haha)

Fruits always distract my sweet tooth. And water is still my favorite thing on earth.

almond butter, almond butter is my favorite thing on earth.

Shoving your body full of junk and crap wont make you feel nor look like a million bucks. But eating lean and working, & sweating your ass off will.


I’ll keep it short today for those of you who arent in the mood to read, because heck, I’m not even in the mood to write.


Message of the day: Eat Right. Work Hard. Feel Good.


happy thursday lovers





gym? nahh. let’s go outside.


If you’ve never experienced a summer in Manhattan Kansas, you are missing out.

It’s absolutely beautiful.

everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is green, pretty and full of life.

This summer hasn’t been too incredibly hot though, humid but not over 90 degrees yet.

This makes evenings perfect for a nice run with my other half.

Yes, we have a gym membership, but both of us are cardio junkies, so we don’t always need to hit up the gym for a good workout.

We are fortunate enough to live a couple blocks away from a school with a football field, baseball field and a track.

We take advantage of this.

if youre looking for a good workout to do with a 1/4 mile track; here it is!

1 lap jog-warm up

sprint the straights, jog the curves- 4 laps.

sprint the curves, lunges along the straights-2 laps

1 lap jog- 1 lap walk- cool down

an easy, fast 2 mile cardio workout!

try it!

we love it!




Five Things No One Ever Told Me About A Military Relationship

Someone once told me that a relationship shouldn’t be built around ones’ occupation.
True statement.
But here’s the exception.
The Military.

From the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep I have to deal with “army life”
Whether that be driving on base, to getting a piece of mail, or receiving a phonecall from overseas. It’s everywhere. All day. Everyday.

Unless you’ve been associated with this so called lifestyle for quite some time, it can seem a bit overwhelming and down right annoying sometimes.
to me it is anyway.

No one ever told me the ‘secret’ to making it easier, because I didn’t know anyone that knew the ‘secrets’

water proof mascara and zzz-quil will now and always will be something you will NEED to keep handy
Sounds funny right?
Especially with deployment, emotional days, or even just emotional hours will come. You’ll find yourself tearing up and the water works coming for the smallest reasons, and sometimes, literally no reason at all.
Sleepless nights are a regular thing, and the little extra forced sleepiness is a must.

most military spouses, and s/o’s are your friends for the wrong reasons, or not really your friends at all
girls will be girls. but it seems to me that military wives, spouses and whatever else you want to call them are a breed of their own.
Coming into all of this, Taylor and I were really accepting of the fact that we needed to surround ourselves with people who understand, and who also are experiencing the same issues we are. Meeting new people and branching out of our comfort zone is hard for anyone, but it seems like you throw the military into it and you’re in middle school all over again. You learn quick that either they are awesome or awful. there is no inbetween. Picking and choosing who you associate yourself with is extremely important, and picking and choosing what you say and act like becomes even more important. You learn quick you can not confide in someone just because our other half have similar occupations.
Just because someone has experienced what you have, doesn’t make you friends, and just because they have been there and done that doesn’t mean you want to take advice and handle the future situations like they would/have.

frg groups aren’t all that wonderful
I was bound and determined to be part of the frg group for Taylor’s unit. I found out quick that all it is, is an email list that doesn’t inform you of much, I’ve gotten more information from my solider himself, than the group.

army balls are prom, for women 25-50+
This was a huge shock. It was fun, and it’s always a good time when you get to dress up, but the amount of cleavage and leg I saw on grown women was astonishing. Keeping it modest is a thing of the past, obviously..

being a ‘milso’ isn’t a good thing
Regardless, if you’re in a relationship with a military man, you’re technically a milso, but to claim that as a title is not a good thing. at first I thought it was. wrong. It’s a very derogatory term that’s overused and abused. Commonly associated with women who are with military men for the wrong reasons.
if you can’t avoid being one, you can at least avoid calling yourself one

Either way, we are all linked by our other half’s job, now whether you’re awesome or awful is up to you.